Truelistings – Real Estate Listings

Project Overview

The client came to me a few years ago for a real estate website idea that he had. I developed the site from scratch but he ended up changing his idea a couple times throughout the years so we went through a couple redesigns and adding/removing features.

Now the final version is still a real estate website but now with more robust features. The main feature allows users to sign up and create a video listing using pictures, text, and a form to generate a mp4 file – all using a script I’ve put together. Users then can upload directly to their YouTube from the site or download the file.

The site also allows text to voice conversion and also translates multiple languages into another language of your choice, text or audio. It also allows users to purchase credits to complete certain actions. The site is packed with features. As of now it hasn’t publicly launch by the client, but will be by July/2019.


  • CMS – WordPress
  • Code Languages – PHP, HTML/CSS, Rest api, jQuery/Ajax, Mysql, CLI
  • Fixed width website with some responsive components
  • eCommerce credits and subscriptions
  • User Registration
  • Amazon API
  • FFMPEG Video conversion
  • Google Maps API




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