Hello, this is 730 Wavy.

My name is Rich. I create websites, graphics and whatever else I desire.

I'm a Web Developer

I write clean and validated code.

I create Responive Designs for all screens.

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  • Front end & Back end ←
  • Interaction design ←
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I'm a Graphic Designer

I create effective art for any message.

I deliver the files you need for any kind of use.

  • → Graphic Artwork
  • → Adobe Photoshop
  • → Adobe Illustrator
  • → Cinema 4D
  • → Logos & Branding
  • → Business Cards
  • → Flyers
  • → Vector Art
  • → Photo Manipulation
  • → T-Shirt Designs
  • → Hand Drawn Art

| Work |

Project 1/10


Role: Graphic Designer
The client needed a logo based on an image. Client requested that in only be in black in white and a specific style. To accomplish this task, first I created a vector outline in illustrator using the original image and the path tool. After getting the outline done, I was then able to go and adjust the angles and/or points on the lines, creating a smoother vector.
Project 2/10


Role: Graphic Designer
Project 3/10
pushxart t shirt store


eCommerce Website for Start Up
Role: Web Developer
The client had recently started a t-shirt brand and wanted to sell products online. I created a design layout using inspiration from well known high fashion brands. The brand is very new still so a minimalist approach was the best one since there wasn't much imagery or products to work with. Next I set the client up with hosting and coded the site on wordpress. I used woocommerce with stripe integration to setup the online shop. The stripe payment gateway allows customers to securely buy from the site using a credit/debit card, and the funds are deposited into the owner's account. I chose stripe because of the ease to use, well documentation, and it's well known. I completed the site and the owner now can upload products whenever ready.
  • CMS - Wordpress
  • Code Languages - PHP, HTML/CSS, jQuery/Ajax, Mysql, CLI
  • Mobile responsive layout
  • eCommerce setup with woocommerce and stripe
Project 4/10
real estate website

Truelistings – Real Estate

eCommerce Website for Real Estate Start Up
Role: Web Developer
The client came to me a few years ago for a real estate website idea that he had. I developed the site from scratch but he ended up changing his idea a couple times throughout the years so we went through a couple redesigns and adding/removing features. Now the final version is still a real estate website but now with more robust features. The main feature allows users to sign up and create a video listing using pictures, text, and a form to generate a mp4 file - all using a script I've put together. Users then can upload directly to their YouTube from the site or download the file. The site also allows text to voice conversion and also translates multiple languages into another language of your choice, text or audio. It also allows users to purchase credits to complete certain actions. The site is packed with features. As of now it hasn't publicly launch by the client, but will be soon.
  • CMS - Wordpress
  • Code Languages - PHP, HTML/CSS, Rest api, jQuery/Ajax, Mysql, CLI
  • Fixed width website with some responsive components
  • eCommerce credits and subscriptions
  • User Registration
  • Amazon API
  • FFMPEG Video conversion
  • Google Maps API
Project 5/10

KatZenJammer 24/7

eCommerce Website for Start Up and Logo/Branding
Role: Graphic Designer/Web Developer
This site was created for a start up clothing line of my own. The site was made to focus on the product and designs, so a minimalistic approach was used. eCommerce is implemented thus allowing customers to place orders directly from the site. Logo design also done for clothing line.
  • CMS - Wordpress
  • Code Languages - PHP, HTML/CSS, jQuery/AJAX
  • Responsive Design
  • WooCommerce integration
Project 6/10


Role: Graphic Designer
Logo design for music artist.
Project 7/10

Fortnite Vitals

API Website & Logo/Branding
Role: Graphic Designer & Web Developer
As most of us is aware, "Fortnite" is a very popular game that has millions of active users/players. So the purpose of this site was to plug into multiple API's to pull data from the game, including player stats. On the site users can also register and create a profile to showcase their best youtube clips. The site purpose is to drive traffic and create conversions so ADs were coded in to be subtle as possible. Logo design was also done for the video game website based on 'Fortnite'.
  • CMS - Wordpress
  • Code Languages - PHP, HTML/CSS, jQuery/AJAX, REST api
  • Responsive Design
  • User Registration
  • Monetized Design
Project 8/10
ratxhet website


Music Artist Logo, Branding, Website & Cover Art
Role: Graphic Designer/Web Developer
Logo/Branding for music artist Ratxhet. Website development for artist hub where fans can go to hear music, watch videos, and contact management. Multiple Graphic Design cover arts done for songs.
Project 9/10

Money Hungry Wolf

T Shirt Vector Design
Role: Graphic Designer
T Shirt design hand drawn then made into a vector.
Project 10/10

Gold Rapt

3D Rendering
Role: Graphic Designer
Raptor 3d model scene rendered out with grass in cinema 4d.

A focused designer and developer with versatility

When you have a freelance project, graphic or web task that needs to be done, you want to have someone work on it that is going to genuinely care about the results, like me.

Every freelance project I treat as my own and put my focus towards it to make sure the client is satisifed and my work is professional.

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