Hello, this is 730 Wavy.

My name is Rich. I create websites, graphics and whatever else I desire.

I'm a Web Developer

I write clean and validated code.

I create Responsive Designs for all screens.

  • Websites ←
  • Web design ←
  • Front end & Back end ←
  • Interaction design ←
  • Responsive design ←
  • Mobile & Tablet ←
  • Wordpress ←
  • eCommerce ←
  • HTML/CSS ←
  • jQuery ←
  • PHP ←

I'm a Graphic Designer

I create effective art for any message.

I deliver the files you need for any kind of use.

  • → Graphic Artwork
  • → Adobe Photoshop
  • → Adobe Illustrator
  • → Cinema 4D
  • → Logos & Branding
  • → Business Cards
  • → Flyers
  • → Vector Art
  • → Photo Manipulation
  • → T-Shirt Designs
  • → Hand Drawn Art

| Work |

A focused designer and developer with versatility

When you have a freelance project, graphic or web task that needs to be done, you want to have someone work on it that is going to genuinely care about the results, like me.

Every freelance project I treat as my own and put my focus towards it to make sure the client is satisifed and my work is professional.

Need help with a project?


If you have a project you would like to discuss or get a free consultation then please use the contact form to reach out today. There are specific areas where I can help you create value for your business and your customers. Even if it's not a business project, do not hesitate to contact me.


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